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Staff Spotlight: Zooey Sophia Pook

Date: 07/10/2017

Zooey Sophia Pook has officially been at NMSU for one year as a diversity officer and as the NMSU LGBT+ Programs Director. She oversees the LGBT+ Programs student staff and the daily operations of the office. She advocates for LGBT+ students and works to make NMSU a more diverse and inclusive place by running trainings and panels, by creating events and by working to better strategies and policies for students, faculty and staff. A doctoral candidate in rhetoric and professional communication at NMSU, Pook is also an adjunct instructor of professional communication courses in the Department of English. ?It is rewarding to see our students succeed and to hear that our actions helped them to achieve their goals and to improve their communities,? she said. ?We want to help our students become leaders at NMSU and to become the kind of people who help to create the kind of world they?d like to live in.?

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